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KCET Drops PBS Kids Shows, Adds Adult Fare

When KCET stops broadcasting PBS programming - after four decades as Los Angeles' major PBS outlet - gone will be the furry friends of "Curious George," the scientific principles of "Sid the Science Kid" and the wacky adventures of "Clifford the Big Red Dog." The Peabody Award-winning series "A Place of Our Own" and "Los Niños en Su Casa" will remain part of the station's morning programming.

But caregivers looking to occupy youngsters past the morning will likely have to tune elsewhere. Whereas KCET's current weekday schedule features children's programming from 5 a.m. to 2 p.m. -- including a double dose of "Sesame Street" -- the daytime schedule that goes into place Monday is more adult-oriented. Once the clock strikes 10 a.m., the lineup turns to travel, gardening and cooking shows, some of which are reruns.



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