MultiTasking Watchers Do TV and Web Simultaneously

MultiTasking Watchers Do TV and Web Simultaneously

According to a 2002 survey of over 7,800 US consumers from BIGresearch, simultaneous media usage is a regular occurrence for roughly 50% of the US population. BIGresearch determined that 31% of female respondents say that when they are watching TV, they regularly go online, while 24.3% of men say the same. Additionally, 43% of women say that they regularly watch TV when they are online, and 34.8% of male respondents say the same.

Dual Media Consumption in U.S. (% of respondents) “regularly or occasionally consume two media at same time.” First, then..

Go online and watch TV 59.8%67.2%
Watch TV and go online69.376.0
Read newspaper and watch TV53.458.7
Watch TV and read newspaper66.774.3
Listen to radio and read magazines50.752.0
Read magazines and watch TV50.460.0

Source: Retail Adv. and Mktg. Assoc/BIGresearch, Oct 2002

The study also determines that the prime time for watching TV and going online, or the converse, is between 7:00 P.M. and 11 P.M. in the US. Specifically, the study found that during that time period:

  • 69.4% watch TV
  • 43.3% go online
  • 22.3% read magazines.

    Simultaneous media consumption is a reality in the US, and BIGresearch is not the only firm covering the numbers. In September 2002, comScore Media Metrix reported that in Q1 of this year, 47% of people with a PC and TV in the same room say they "frequently" go online and watch TV at the same time.

    US Internet Users Online and Watching TV Simultaneously (% users with PC and TV in same room)

  • Frequently 47%
  • Occasionally 29%
  • Rarely 18%
  • Never 5%
    Source: ComScore Media Metrix

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