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Kids Today -- No Predicting Their TV Tastes!

After Mike Donovan polled his college students on how and what they watch on TV, he noted, "Instead of 'The TV Industry,' I'd be better off changing the name of the course to 'The Video Content Delivery Systems Industry.'"

Donovan -- who years ago wrote "Invasion Of the Cable Babies," an article saying that kids born in the age of cable made no distinction between broadcast and cable TV -- surveyed 75 students this time. He concluded from his "seriously unscientific survey" that "The bad news for the industry is that there seems to be no way to predict what the next generation of consumers want to watch," since "the question about favorite current/recent show resulted in an astounding 44 different show titles. Of those 44, only 14 received more than one vote, with Showtime's serial-killer drama 'Dexter' the winner -- claiming a mere eight votes."



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