Twitter + Facebook = Best Baby Ever

Have you ever wondered what the outcome would be if Twitter and Facebook met, started dating, and then hooked up and had a baby?

I have… many times.

In fact, a little over a month ago, I tweeted this idea.

I’ve thought about how there would be a perfect distribution of genetics that would satisfy every social media user’s life with the fullest purpose.

This baby would have the best chromosomes that would create the most impactful newborn in the media world to date.
It would take the best features from both of its parents. We could call it FaceTwitter or Twitterbook....

From its first parent, Twitter, the baby would take features like trending topics, celebrity verification and a 140 character vocabulary limitations. From its other parent, Facebook, the baby would get features such as chat, photo albums and the ability to show its friends how much it likes their update with the click of a button.

If this baby were born, I think it would do social media users a favor in many ways. By getting dominate features from Twitter, the baby could enforce more privacy and exclusivity in its timeline. For example, this spawn of Twitter and Facebook could have ‘friends’ or ‘followers’ without the obligation of friending or following them back. Users would be able to limit who sees their information, updates and whereabouts while having the option of whether or not to allow themselves to see other users’ information.



I think dominant features like this are necessary in this FaceTwitter/Twitterbook baby - because a person’s right to privacy is something that is highly valued. With the Twitter privacy feature, a user is allowed to keep some of their sanity and maintain a low profile without having to worry about being stalked too much by people they don’t know too well, or at all.

If the baby was born with Facebook dominant traits like photo albums, then those pictures could help the baby compensate for the hundreds of missing status characters. The albums would help people upload pictures to visually tell their daily stories and happenings.

As good as this social media baby sounds, it still remains nothing more than a tweeted idea. I do believe that it’s possible though. I also believe that it’s bound to happen someday. The question that we have to ask is how long will it take for a ‘baby’ like this to be born? And who will create it?

We shall see.

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  1. Justin Ochoa from Ball State University, February 11, 2011 at 1:39 p.m.

    I'd love for something like this to happen. You get the best of both networks, subtract the extra clutter, and end up with the next social media obsession! Nice post!

  2. Rich Mistkowski from Proforma ROI Promotions, February 14, 2011 at 10:45 a.m.

    Interesting take on the 2 giants in social media. It would be interesting to see how something like this would play out over the years. It seems to make sense in a lot of ways. Stranger things have happened I'm sure.

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