Superbowl (They Play Football Right?)

  • by , February 7, 2011

As long as I can remember, and as long as my friends and family have watched the Superbowl, I’ve watched the Superbowl too. I have memories from a very early age of family members cheering their favorite team and yelling at every completed pass and touchdown.

Myself, I have never been a huge fan of football, and the thrill of a favorite team making its way to the big game has never been an exciting prospect to me. I don't even love the commercials so many talk about and laugh at; instead it’s the movie previews that make me watch the big game. All that work for a thirty second preview of a movie at least 4 mouths off. Am I crazy? Dedicated? Both?

I have always been a fan of film and cinema. My father was a huge film buff and some of my fondest memories are sitting next to him watching movies from a very young age. A happy balance of classics, sci fi, and westerns filled this youngster’s head, and by the time I was old enough to build my own tastes in movies, I was just as engrossed with the world of cinema as my father.

Years went by and to this day I’m still just as and engrossed by the art of cinema as I was as a child. As things have become grittier and more cynical, my love of films has not diminished. The magic is there.

That’s why the Superbowl always meant a lot to me. Whenever the topic would switch to sports I was often the odd one out, not being able to contribute in the conversation or seem like an active member to share my family’s excitement. I was the odd one out, and for awhile I felt like I was at a distance with my family, not being able to take part in something they valued so much. The Superbowl not only had the main game, but previews for upcoming movies, many of which are seen by the public for the first time. I remember my dad talking excitedly with me about the upcoming movies and which ones I wanted to see, which ones he wanted to see, and plans on seeing them together. In between cheers for touchdowns and interceptions, there was always time to talk to me too. During one of the biggest sporting events of the year, I was part of one of my family’s favorite past times. I was an active member.

Now being away from my family during the big game, means not being in the same room as them, talking with them in person, but thanks to the internet and youtube, I can still watch, chat, and share the newest trailers. Distance has not diminished my part in my family’s big game experience. I’m still there still active, still happily involved with my family despite being miles apart.

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  1. Austin Hostetter from Ball State University, February 11, 2011 at 1:25 p.m.

    The commercials are generally what I focus on as well. I'm not a huge sports buff, but I always like seeing a little sneak preview of what the summer blockbusters will be like. Verdict after this year: I may be avoiding the theater a lot this summer (although Cowboys vs. Aliens did catch my attention).

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