Keeping Up With Email Addresses

Keeping Up With Email Addresses

According to a report from Return Path and NFO WorldGroup, 49% of US adults changed at least one of their e-mail addresses. In fact, the companies report that the annual churn rate for e-mail addresses is 39%. The two main reasons that people say they change their personal e-mail address are to get away from SPAM (16%) and because they have changed internet service providers (48%). Most people who change their work e-mail address do so because of a job change.

Why US Adults Change Email Addresses (% of Respondents)

EMail At:WorkNet-Personal
Job Change Voluntary41%2%
Job Change Involuntary101
New ISP Voluntary748
New ISP InVol118
Marriage Change Status62
Get away from Spam416
Source:NFO, October 2002

NFO determined that nearly all respondents say they notify friends (88%) and family (87%) when they change e-mail addresses. Less than one-half notify business contacts, whereas over one-half notify service websites or e-newsletters with an e-mail address change.

Places Notified of Change (% of Respondents)

  • Friends 88%
  • Family 87%
  • Business Associates 46%
  • Online Service Sites 36%
  • Frequently Shopped Sites 35%
  • Relevant Offline Companies 19%
  • Chat Sites 11%
    Source: NFO WorldGroup 2002

    The study also found that 76% of adults register at websites with their primary personal e-mail address, whereas just 8% register with their work e-mail address.

    An eMarketer E-Mail Marketing Report indicates that Opt-in news estimated in May 2002 that 37% had three e-mail addresses, whereas a Valentine Radford survey of 18,000 people pegged the number of people with three e-mail addresses at 22%. An IMT Strategies 2001 survey determined that only 11% had three e-mail addresses. The 2002 NFO survey, however, finds that just 10% of respondents have three personal e-mail addresses and a mere 1% have three work e-mail addresses. Discrepancies in the findings are likely due to the varying survey methodologies used by the research firms.

    Number of Email Address Held by US Internet Users (% of Respondents)

  • One 22%
  • Two 33%
  • Three 22%
  • Four 10%
  • Five 5%
  • Six+ 8%
    Source: Valentine Radford, April 2002

    While consumers, on average, registered their e-mail address with more than twelve Web sites, according to the study, e-mail address changers only notified about six Web sites of the change. And, twenty-two percent of those who changed an e-mail address did not notify any Web site about the change. According to Matt Blumberg, chief executive officer of Return Path, "there is a real and significant subsequent financial impact on reputable businesses that rely on e-mail to communicate with their customers."

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