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Maybe It'll Be 'One And A Half Men'?

Since CBS and Warner Bros. announced the production shutdown of "Two and a Half Men" for this season yesterday, the question now remains: will the show be canceled, or will it come back, perhaps with Charlie Sheen written out -- or replaced by another hard-drinking, partying character as a foil to Jon Cryer's prissy Alan?

After all, as Robert Seidman points out in TV By The Numbers, "Charlie Sheen might be (ok, is) high, but so are the stakes for everyone involved. All you need to do is look at the ratings for originals, repeats and syndication to know that 'Two and a Half Men' literally prints money."

This just in: Charlie Sheen says he's going to show up for work next week on the "Men" set anyway, according to Entertainment Weekly's TV Insider. Oy.



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