Yes, I am purchasing an iPhone

I am not an Apple fanatic, but when the iPhone was first released, I immediately knew I wanted one. Just seeing the phone in store windows or during commercials made my mouth water. The only obstacle that stood between me and the phone I loved was Apple’s contract with AT&T. I am on the Verizon network (because I enjoy using a provider that actually works) so the iPhone’s exclusivity with AT&T made my dream difficult to reach.

But after years of hoping and praying for a technological miracle, my dream can finally come true. This month, Apple finally jumped over from the dark side and joined the Verizon network. I can now make the transition to the smartphone era with a phone I actually want to own.

I hear a lot of debate on why you should or shouldn’t buy an iPhone, so I thought I would share the reasons as to why I am choosing it over other smartphones like the Droid.

A multi-purpose device

I am an iTunes/iPod user. I am currently still using my 30GB video iPod that is now six years old. Because of its age, my iPod is beginning to show signs of dementia, and I feel that it is time for a new one. Buying an iPhone will allow me to combine my phone and iPod into one multi-purpose device, saving me a lot pocket space.



A user-friendly setup

One of my favorite hobbies is to play with my friends phones. Because of this, I have been able to use Droids, Iphones, Blackberry’s, and other smartphones. Although I can normally figure out what I am doing when fooling around with each device, I was able to figure the iPhone out with little difficulty – this was not the case with some of the other phones.

A sleek design and awesome display

The iPhone is cool – no one can argue against this. Its design is sleek, sexy, and appealing. Plus, its touchscreen display is the best I’ve ever seen; reading emails, books, or blogs off of the screen is much easier than it is on other portable devices.

Because of these reasons, I will be purchasing an iPhone very, very soon. I have waited for this opportunity for a long time now, and the moment has finally come. So thank Verizon for allowing my dream to come true. Soon, I will be a smartphone user like many others my age.

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