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Austin Hostetter

Member since January 2011

  • Student Ball State University
  • 105 Park Hall Ball State University
  • Nappanee Indiana
  • 46550 USA

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  • Social media takes over the airline industry in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 04/28/2011

    I am a business major, so I naturally have to take some marketing classes in my time at college. I find the subject of marketing fascinating, so this does not bother me. I am currently enrolled in my first marketing class, which covers the basics of the marketing realm. Recently, I've been working on [...]

  • Does anyone watch TV anymore? in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 04/21/2011

    I am not a huge television buff - if I am watching TV, it's normally to watch the news. However, there are certain shows that I cannot miss; therefore, TV is a big part of my life. During my transition to college, I decided it would be a good idea to bring my TV along [...]

  • My Professor Doesn't Know What the Internet Is in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 03/29/2011

    In this day and age, college students are surrounded by technology. Social media, smart phones, and tablets are all abundant on college campuses throughout the country. The classroom is no exception to this fact. Most lecture halls now feature built-in projectors, which allow professors to incorporate PowerPoint presentations, overhead projectors, and videos [...]

  • Hollywood's biggest night in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 03/02/2011

    I am a huge movie buff, and the Oscars have always been a highlight of my year. Throughout middle school and high school, I would stay up one night a year to see what movies, actors, and directors made the grade. But when I entered college, I began to realize that many my age did [...]

  • Yes, I am purchasing an iPhone in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 02/22/2011

    I am not an Apple fanatic, but when the iPhone was first released, I immediately knew I wanted one. Just seeing the phone in store windows or during commercials made my mouth water. The only obstacle that stood between me and the phone I loved was Apple's contract with AT&T. I am [...]

  • I am addicted to social media in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 01/25/2011

    I love the internet. A bulk of my free time is spent on it. As a college student of the information age, my life is driven by the fast-paced, instant gratification of the World Wide Web. I receive the majority of my news from blogs and online newspapers/magazines, most of my TV [...]

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