Can SocialEyes Make Video Chat Social?

With the help of Facebook Connect, a new startup named SocialEyes is trying to make video chat "truly social," reports GigaOm. What does that mean? "The San Francisco company is building a video messaging platform that tries to move beyond largely one-to-one or group chatting experiences and looks like something Facebook would make it if went after video chatting." And what does that look like? The service, which will exist as a standalone site as well as a Facebook application, lets users maintain multiple chats throughout the day, while also tapping Facebook's social graph for conversations. "Users can pop in and out of individual chats or combine them together in group sessions called scrums," GigaOm writes. Similar to Facebook, SocialEyes users can also join or start their own private groups among friends, or participate in public groups based around hobbies and interests. Meanwhile, offering even more flexibility, users who can't connect in real-time via video chat or instant messaging can send video messages to friends.
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