Want To Be Part Of The Program At Email Insider Summit?

There's still time to earn one of the coveted spots on the agenda at MediaPost's April's Email Insider Summit (EIS). The submission deadline for entries has been extended to March 15 to support a new direction in programming that the planning committee believes both presenters and the audience will applaud.  Here's an update and tips on what you can do to become part of the program. 

This year's EIS programming committee is led by Trendline Interactive's Morgan Stewart and supported by David Bronson of Turner Broadcasting System, Loren McDonald of SilverPop and Lana McGilvray of Datran Media. We are working together to secure three keynotes and program 12 panels. Based on audience feedback and our own curatorial meetings with Ross Fadner at MediaPost, we continue to seek the best and brightest new voices in email marketing. And this is where we could use your help!

The event's major themes are the innovations driving the future of the email channel, the evolving application of data to drive results -- and what it means to execute a successful cross-channel campaign with email at its core.   



Your call to action is to submit abstracts that speak to these three themes with the cases, analytics and research findings required to compel the audience to challenge, question and/or ultimately adopt proven strategies or paradigm-changing new innovations.

While actual brand and publishing cases continue to rank high on the list, we would also like to see more quantitative and creative gurus who aren't regulars on the circuit but have much to offer. 

Up to the challenge? Click here to submit today. Have other ideas? Please provide them within your submission.

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  1. Naeem Kayani from RealPage, March 10, 2011 at 11 a.m.

    If the goal is to submit a speaker for a session, I am not clear how to do that from this form. It seems this form is asking for submissions for a keynote or proposing a new panel/session with the panelists and a moderator. If the intention is to submit a speaker to a topic/panel that is decided, how do we do that or can we do that?

  2. Morgan Stewart from Trendline Interactive, March 10, 2011 at 2:36 p.m.


    Yes, the form is set up to collect session topics you would like to discuss at the EIS, either as a keynote or panel. Alternatively, if you would like to recommend someone else to speak, you can do that too, just make that point clear so we understand your intent when we review.


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