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Report: Apple Losing Key Marketing VP

Allison Johnson, Apple's vice president of worldwide marketing communications, is leaving the company, reports Digital Daily. According to sources, Johnson is co-founding a new marketing and communications firm with former Facebook PR exec Brandee Barker. "Beyond that, the details are slim," Digital Daily writes. "The new firm doesn't yet have a name or a client list, although presumably answers site Quora and social buying service Groupon, two of Barker's current clients, would sign on with the venture.

While Johnson's exit is notable, "there's no dearth of marketing and communications talent at Apple." At Apple, Johnson has managed global advertising for some of the company's more successful products. Those ads have been created by TBWAChiatDay, which plays a powerful role at Apple. "Of course, this key part of Apple's business is watched over closely by CEO Steve Jobs, to whom Johnson has reported directly."

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