The Internet: Your new personal trainer

If you've been reading my posts you've probably figured out by now that I'm not exactly the biggest technology/media enthusiast. I do a lot of complaining when it comes to technology and oftentimes I find the negative in it. But the truth is I do see the positives of technology. I actually like technology. So today I'm going to explain one of my favorite uses of it.

As an aspiring magazine writer, Rodale Inc. is not only one of my favorite publications, it's also my dream company to work for. They have a small, but powerful list of publications: Men's Health, Women's Health, Prevention, Organic Gardening, Runner's World, Running Times, and Bicycling. As a runner I'm a big fan of Runner's World and Running Times. But this year I decided to subscribe to Women's Health and as of right now it is my absolute favorite magazine.

I love receiving it every month; always fresh new content and something to learn. In the April 2011 issue I learned which exercise short-cuts I should and shouldn't take, how to easily cut 400 calories from my diet, the negative side to stress, and the issues facing Planned Parenthood. I love how it's not about losing weight and getting into shape; it encompasses all aspects of health and motivates me to strive for a healthier lifestyle.



One of the great things Women's Health does is utilize its website well. Not only can you find most of its articles online (perfect for sharing via e-mail with my friends), it also has training videos, quizzes and surveys, an online personal trainer (right now there is a free month trial) and a plethora of printable workouts and meal plans. There is so much information at my fingertips that many times when I visit the website I find myself on there for an hour or more, perusing all the content they have to offer.

Sometimes it's overwhelming, all the exercise moves to do, recipes to try, and information I want to share with others. The best part is when I do finally decide to get off the website I feel entirely motivated, ready to hit the gym and toss my storage junk food in the trash.

I applaud Women's Health because they have taken a use of technology and have found a way to not only educate but to motivate. So dear readers, why don't you head on over to the Women's Health website (or Men's Health for the men), read up on your health, then get off the computer and get exercising! Woo!

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