CMR Forecast Revised Upward

On the heels of other forecasts showing similar revisions, a leading measurement company Tuesday increased its estimate of ad spending to 4.3% for 2003. Ad spending is predicted to total $124.7 billion by the end of the year.

TNS Media Intelligence/CMR's forecast was presented Tuesday morning at the beginning of the one-day AdWatch: Outlook 2003 held at the Grand Hyatt in New York City. In a midcourse correction a little bit less than halfway through the year, CMR said that a stronger-than-expected first quarter had boosted ad spending and bolstered its previous prediction. The first quarter's ad spending grew 4.9% and is estimated to rise 4.4% in the second quarter, which ends June 30. CMR said that the second half would increase 4%.

"We think this [first-quarter spending] bodes well for the market, especially when one considers the backdrop," said CMR President/CEO Steven Fredericks. The backdrop includes continued corporate governance complicating business, proposals for campaign finance reform that would change ad spending, rules regarding direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising and the overall effect of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and, to a much lesser extent, the war in Iraq.



Several factors are affecting the market positively, including low interest rates, continued double-digit increases in the Spanish-language market, political spending that may be big even in this off-year and reality television. New brand spending will also push the ad market upward.

"We're encouraged by the progress of 2003," Fredericks said.

Tuesday's CMR forecast provided growth estimates for a number of media:

  • Spanish-language TV, up 16.9%.

  • Syndicated TV, up 9.6%.

  • Internet, up 7.4%.

  • Cable Network TV, 7.2%.

  • Consumer/Sunday Magazines, up 5.4%.

  • Radio (Networks, Spot and Local), up 4.9%.

  • Business-To-Business Magazines, up 3.6%.

  • Outdoor, up 3.3%.

  • Network TV, up 2.8%.

  • Newspapers (National and Local), up 2.1%.

  • Spot TV, up 1.8%.
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