The Teller Is Being Threatened By The Computer in Europe

The Teller Is Being Threatened By The Computer in Europe

According to Nielsen//NetRatings Global Index, OnLine banks reached more than 30 percent of the active Internet audience in five major markets in November. "The online financial services sector is one of last year's success stories," said Richard Goosey, international chief of measurement science, NetRatings. "Between October 2001 and October 2002, the number of European surfers visiting financial services sites grew from 15 to 25 million, while the percentage of European Internet users who regularly visit a financial services site steadily rose to 37 percent."

"In virtually every market, it is the traditional, established brick and mortar banks that are attracting the biggest audiences," Goosey said. "With full service banks and credit unions drawing well over a third of the active audience in November.”

"Customer loyalty in the online banking sector is very high, creating a natural barrier for pure-play online banks. A large majority of online customers are most likely also customers of the in-person bank branches," he said. "The exception in Europe is, a pure-play online bank which is currently the most popular European banking site. is achieving overlaps of around 20 percent with its major competitors, suggesting that its success is built on being a convenient second account for traditional banking customers."

Full Service Commercial Banks & Credit Unions,
November 2002 At-Home

Reach: % ActiveUnique AudienceVisits per PersonTime per Person
Australia 39.62,470,0005.890:52:48
United Kingdom28.74,862,0005.950:41:09
Hong Kong21.2454,0005.010:34:27

Source: Nielsen//NetRatings, November 2002

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