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Twitter To Get Photo-Sharing Service

Can a rumored photo-sharing service right Twitter's ship? Well, "Twitter users can already share photos on their Twitter streams via Twitpic and Yfrog, but ... a built-in service would have a significant advantage over competing apps," writes CNet. Indeed, "Many Twitter clients, including those developed by the company, use the links [provided by third-party apps] to go fetch ... images and display them inline," writes All Things D. "But the process could certainly be smoother."

"Twitter users like to type status updates, but they also like to share photos," writes Fast Company. "If it's too hard for many of them to figure out how to use a [third-party app like] TwitPic or yfrog ... then it makes perfect sense for Twitter to do what it needs to do to improve that experience."



"This shouldn't really come as a surprise to anyone, as photosharing [sic] is the next logical step of Twitter expanding its in app experience," writes TechCrunch. "It's basically grabbing at low hanging fruit." Still, "the move into photo-sharing ... will be unpopular among developers, who may begin to question what areas Twitter does not want to control," the Guardian notes.

"The service would likely cause further outcry among third-party developers, who are already feeling pressured by Twitter's recent changes," seconds SocialBeat.

Meanwhile, ReadWriteWeb wonders whether users should eve Twitter to host their photos? "Twitter, the network for fleeting thoughts, in short form?" it asks. "The service that has let so much history pass through its fingers with so little agony voiced over its barely accessible archives and shallow search?"

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