From A-ZMOT: What You Need to Know About Google Today

If you're in search marketing, you probably hang on Google's every word. It's time to start hanging on every letter!

Here's what every search geek needs to know about Google today, from A to Z...

AdMeld: Google is doubling down on the display space, which is on pace to surpass search spending by 2015.

Blogger: Boring. Buzz: Busted. B is just not Google's letter.

Chrome: Now with apps on the menu.

Display: Gotta fill that search funnel somehow! Watch this space.

Earth: Google's efforts to save our planet are electric, but I'd settle for free WiFi. Just think how many more searches that'd generate! 

Free: Speaking of free, if you're not taking advantage of Website Optimizer, your search geek badge is hereby revoked. 

Gingerbread: The Android platform behind the Nexus S (enabling NFC, among other features) is a tasty treat in a long line of desserts. And here I thought it was hard to come up with something for every letter!

Homepage: Hope you managed to rock out with last week's Les Paul tribute. This guy sure did.

Images: Great way to avoid the sea of blue links.

Jambool: Don't make people leave your app to transact with you. Jambool, a company Google bought last year, now serves as the backbone for Google In-App Payments.

Knol: Just kidding. You don't need to "kno" anything about this.

Location: Location. Location.

Mobile: The movement has been mobilized. Schmidt sure got this one right.

Noogler: It's still pretty darn tough to get a job at Google.

Orkut: Kaput?

PLA: Product Listing Ads. As close as we're gonna get to display ads on SERPs?

Queries: I've been tracking the monthly ups and downs of Google's U.S. query share since the launch of Bing in June 2009. Google was at 65% when Bing launched. In May 2011 it stood at 65.4%. Bing nearly doubled from 8.4% to 14.1% but it was all at the expense of Yahoo.

Realtime: Make sure you're monitoring your brand in real time through Google Alerts. And leverage Google Realtime search for quick SEO wins.

Sitelinks: Now embedded.

Trends: Still no better way to finger the zeitgeist.

Urchin: Did you know the predecessor of Google Analytics was still available? It'll cost you $10k but has some differentiated features.

Voice: Click to Call. Voice search on Can you hear me now?

Wallet: Beyond ridding you of those pesky (and dirty!) bills, Google Wallet will help you connect the dots between your online marketing and in-store purchases.

Xtensions: Cheating, I know. But don't cheat yourself by not using them in your ads.

YouTube: 48 hours of video uploaded very single minute. That's a lot of crap. But a lot of crap means a lot of cheap, make that *efficient* advertising. Try it. You'll be surprised.

ZMOT: Zero Moment of Truth. The reason search is such a powerful marketing platform -- and Google is what it is today.

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  1. Rod Fielding from Zen Internet, June 14, 2011 at 4:13 p.m.

    The link to 'Web Site Optimizer' is dud.
    (Should be: )

  2. Aaron Goldman from Mediaocean, June 14, 2011 at 9:57 p.m.

    Fixed! Good looking out, Rod.

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