Annika's KFC Spot Rates Highest By Brand Recall

The wings have it. The boneless wings that is. In IAG's latest Brand Recall Index, Women's professional golfer Annika Sorenstam's two commercials for KFC's Honey BBQ and Boneless Wings were the most effective TV ads from July 7-20.

With a recall index of 266, Sorenstam's :15 second spot was the most recalled ad with the :30 spot close behind with a recall index of 260.

Aside from the KFC ads the highest recalled ads were:

  1. Microsoft's Xbox, Star Wars: Knights of the Republic, man with light saber and video footage, 201.

  2. Big Lots!, woman goes shopping with Jerry Van Dyke, 196.

  3., Protesters play dead in front of a tobacco company office building, 190.

  4. Sensodyne, one woman wants whitening toothpaste, another wants tartar control toothpaste, 190.

  5. Pizza Hut, Order a Large Pizza get a comedy DVD promotion, man delivers pizza to Martin Mull and discusses "Mr. Mom," 175.

  6. Sears, save 10-30% on Bridgestone tires, 169.

  7. Burger King' The Great American Burger, its so juicy - about two or three napkins worth, 163.

  8. McDonald's Big Mac, Pirates of the Caribbean promo - "Everyone craves a Big Mac, even pirates," 163.



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