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Google: Activating Half-Million Androids A Day

Google is now activating half a million Android mobile devices every day, reports The Next Web, citing a new tweet from Google's Android chief Andy Rubin. That's up from the roughly 400,000 Android devices Google says it was activating back in May. In his tweet, Rubin also revealed that Android activations are now growing at 4.4% week-over-week.

"Google's huge rise will have been helped by the launch of Honeycomb-powered tablets as Motorola, Samsung and HTC, with its Gingerbread tablet, try to make inroads into Apple's iPad dominance," The Next Web writes. Google previously announced that it had already activated 100 million Android devices from 36 OEMS and 215 carriers. Hugo Barra, Google's Product Management Director of Android also said that there were 450,000 Android developers and 200,000 apps available to consumers.

"At the time," The Next Web write, "there were 310 Android devices in 112 countries, which has increased significantly in the month since the announcement."



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