IAB Announces Final Interactive Universal Ad Package

  • April 29, 2003
The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) on Tuesday announced the new Universal Ad Package (UAP), a creative suite of four ad sizes that will enable advertisers to reach the majority of each online publisher's audience. The organization says this creative suite will "ensure a greater consistency with online ads regardless of where they are published on the Web." The UAP is intended to improve the efficiency and ease to planning, buying and creating online media. The UAP has the support of the American Association of Advertising Agencies(AAAA).

The Universal Ad Package interactive units (IU) include:

  • IU 728 x 90

  • IU 300 x 250

  • IU 160 x 600

  • IU 180 x 150

    If a publisher is UAP compliant, an advertiser can buy, plan and create around four units knowing they can reach the majority (51%) of that publisher's audience. Buyers can identify IAB member UAP compliant sites by the UAP Compliance Seal.



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