Study: Internet Commercials Increase Product Awareness

At the Streaming Media conferment in New York yesterday, Lightningcast, Inc. announced the results of a study demonstrating the quantifiable effectiveness of online video advertising for building brands. The study indicates a significantly higher advertiser awareness, greater likelihood to buy the product and higher brand favorability among consumers, specifically due to the online ads.

Lightningcast partnered with Dynamic Logic, a leading independent research company, to quantify the impact of an Internet ad campaign for the Hyundai Tiburon automobile that ran on the Lightningcast network of interactive broadcasting sites. The study showed that online video advertising succeeded in significantly increasing awareness:

  • Web users exposed to the online ad were 80% more likely to be aware of the Tiburon than a control group that did not view the ad;

  • Web users exposed to the online ad expressed a 46% higher likelihood to purchase the Tiburon compared with the control group; and

  • 14% of web users who were aware of the ad and expressed an interest in purchasing the Tiburon said they had a more favorable impression of Hyundai than did the control group.

    The Hyundai research involved a randomly sampled group of 628 Internet users, 228 of whom were shown a 30-second ad created and delivered using video streams. Another 400 people formed the control group. All sampled users completed the same questionnaire.

    "Reaching the broadband consumer is of growing importance to Hyundai's online advertising strategy," said James Fabin, Internet Marketing Manager for Hyundai Motor America. "The online ads were a natural extension for Hyundai to use our existing advertisements. When viewed by users over a broadband connection, the ads were less intrusive and seen as more of an integrated part of the viewers' expected experience. The impact and response by consumers outperformed other online ad campaigns we've tried."

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