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Is Google+ Eating Facebook's Young?

Is Facebook losing its edge? Maybe -- at least if you think "edge" demands the persistent attention of younger consumers. That's because, according to recent comScore findings, Facebook had a larger percentage of searchers over the age of 35, while Google+ trended younger. Specifically, 34.2% of searchers looking for Google+ were under 35 years old, while only 24% of Facebook searchers were under 35.

Still, can't one assume that any respectable young person is already well acquainted with Facebook, which would therefore minimize their need to search for the social network? We think so. Meanwhile, comScore also found that Google+ searchers skewed towards higher incomes, Search Engine Land notes. Facebook saw 22.8% of searchers with an income of above $100,000 a year, while Google+ had a 32.1% makeup.

This, we imagine, can be explained by the fact that Facebook has grown so popular that its audience now closely mirrors the national population -- complete with lower incomes -- while Google+ is currently overrun with higher-income early technology adopters. Either way, Google+ is most likely too new to be pigeonholed.

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