42 Million Adults Listen to Country Radio Weekly

42 Million Adults Listen to Country Radio Weekly

The Interep latest report on Country Radio. shows that out of the 10,571 commercial radio stations in the nation, 2,133 are Country music radio stations. Each week, 41.9 million adults listen to Country radio. This is the highest cumulative audience of all radio formats. The study also states that according to SoundScan sales figures, Country music sales were up in 2002.

Moreover, Country and Gospel are the only two music genres showing a sales increase over 2001. If this trend continues, Country is likely to gain share of total music sales for the year. Cognizant of its widespread appeal, a diverse range of advertisers are using Country artists or music in their advertising. This list includes Chevrolet, Revlon, the GAP, MCI and K-mart, to name a few.

2002 Country Listener Qualitative Snapshot
- 62% are in the 25-54 demographic; 67% are in the 18-49 demographic.
- The median age of a Country listener is 42.6 years.
- 66% live in metropolitan areas or suburbs
- only 34% in non-MSA areas.
- 47% have graduated high school or more.
- 62% are married; 44% have one or more child at home.
- 70% are employed full- or part-time.
- 73% live in $30,000 plus households; 49% in $50,000 plus households.
- 77% own their primary residence.

Percent Composition of Adults 18+ Population and Country's Adults 18+ Weekly Cume, M-Sun 6AM-12MID

 % of US Adult (18+) Pop% Country Radio Adult Pop
A18-24 13%13%
A25-34 19%20%
A35-44 22%22%
A45-54 18%20%
A18-49 64%67%
A25-54 59%62%
Employed Full- Time55%60%
Exec/ Admin/ Manager10%10%
Tech/ Clerical/ Sales18%20%
Attended Some College or More51%47%
HH Inc:
Median HH Income$49,463$49,417
Source: Mediamark Research Inc. 2002


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