People Pay For Heritage

People Pay For Heritage

Understanding the demographics and behavior of a category is essential for publishers and marketers to better reach and serve their target audiences. The Genealogy category represents a potentially attractive vehicle through which marketers can reach deeply involved Internet users within important segments, including women and seniors.

According to comScore and the Online Publishers Association, Genealogy sites fall into the broader category of Community Directories, which in total generated $26 million in paid content revenue in the third quarter of 2002 (up 86 percent versus year-ago).

In January 2003, nearly 13 million people visited sites in the Genealogy category, particularly popular among females and older Internet users. Interestingly, many of the sites that make up the Genealogy category are owned by a variety of well-known media companies and organizations.

Unique Visitors to the Genealogy Category (000) January 2003 U.S. Home, Work and University Locations

 All LocationsHomeWorkUniversity
Genealogy Category 12,9509,0013,835 597
Ancestry Sites 9,5986,6412,863455 Sites 1,7411,33244149
MyFamily Sites 1,3731,100287 45 1,220 754483 47 858681195 20
Kindredkonnections.com339269n/a n/a 323260n/a n/a
Mytrees.com279 211n/a n/a 266227n/a n/a
Ancestralfindings.com264 155119 n/a

While those over age 65 represent the smallest segment of category visitors on an absolute basis, remarkably, this group is 51 percent more likely than the average Internet user (relative to its total share of the online population) to visit Genealogy sites. In fact, with the exception of the Pharmacy category, Genealogy is the category with the highest percentage of Internet users over 65.

Genealogy Category by Age Group (000)
January 2003 U.S. Home, Work and University Locations

Age Unique Visitors CompositionComposition Unique Visitors*
2-17 959 4.4%7.4%
18-241,522 6.2%11.8%
25-342,340 8.9%18.1%
35-44 2,86510.4% 22.1%
45-54 2,872 11.2%22.2%
55-64 1,503 12.7%11.6%

*Percent composition of unique visitors represents the percentage of total visitors to a site or category that a specific demographic group comprises.

Females comprise the majority of visitors to Genealogy sites, accounting for 54 percent of total category visitors. Even more striking, women account for 63 percent of all time spent at the category in January 2003.

Genealogy Category by Gender

Unique Visitors (000)Avg Minutes Spent Per Visitor
Males 5,92027.3

Properties within the Ancestry network account for 45 percent of all time spent at the Genealogy category. And while is ranked fifth according to unique visitors, the site is by far the leader based on usage intensity - with 79 minutes per visitor, more than twice the category average of 33 minutes.

Genealogy Category by Time Spent January 2003
U.S. Home, Work and University Locations

Total Minutes (MM)% Composition of MinutesAverage Time Spent per Visitor
Genealogy Category431100.0%33.3
Ancestry Sites19344.8%20.2
MyFamily Sites6815.8%49.6
Familysearch.com6815.8% 79.2 Sites61 14.2% 34.9
Kindredkonnections.com6 1.4%18.6

Source: comScore Media Metrix.

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