Commerce (Was) More Popular Than News

Commerce (Was) More Popular Than News

Commerce beat News and Information sites in the first week of March, but you can bet that changed considerably in the last two weeks!

Top 10 Multi-category Commerce Sites
Unique Audience (000)Active Reach (%)
Yahoo! Shopping6,2517.38
MSN Shopping2,8673.39
AOL Shopping1,4451.71
Wal-Mart Stores1,0681.26
Top 10 News & Information Sites
Unique Audience (000)Active Reach (%)
AOL News6,8278.06
About Network5,6366.65
Yahoo! News4,5135.33
Weather Channel4,4425.25
Yahoo! Get Local2,8253.34
Time Inc2,2482.66
Time Warner Cable1,9742.33
Week ending Mar. 9, 2003
US, Home

And, as the U.S. and Allied forces began its strike against Iraq, many in the press have been inquiring about online news coverage of the Middle East issues. Traffic to major Web news sources as well as federal government sites have spiked. According to daily audience measurement analysis from Nielsen//NetRatings, many of the top news sites posted double-digit growth on Wednesday 3/19, as compared to traffic a week before on 3/12. drew more than 3.7 million unique visitors at work, up 30 percent from a week ago. The site also recorded a 29 percent jump in traffic on 3/17, as compared to Monday 3/12. Traffic to skyrocketed 38 percent to nearly 3.3 million, while Yahoo! News attracted 2.6 million unique visitors. garnered nearly 1.2 million surfers, while soared 34 percent to a little over a million visitors.

"Since 9/11, we've seen many of the top Web news sites gain viewership online, attracting surfers looking for up-to-the-minute headlines and instant coverage," said Greg Bloom, senior Internet analyst, Nielsen//NetRatings. "Online news sources also have a distinct advantage during the work day, as office workers log online from their fast connections on the job."

Daily Traffic to Various General and Financial News Sites, Ranked by Unique Audience for Wednesday 3/19 (U.S., Work)

3/123/19Wed-Wed Percent Growth
1. CNN2,8623,71530%
2. MSNBC2,3603,259 38%
3. Yahoo! News2,6262,604 -1%
4. NYTimes.com1,1041,159 5%
5. Washingtonpost.com7971,070 34%
6. Fox News 602 1,063 77%
7. ABC News445686 54%
8. USATODAY.com315 635 101%
9. Gannett Newspapers and Newspaper Division 585613 5%
10. Drudgereport.com533 60313%
11. Internet Broadcasting Systems Inc446560 26%
12. MSN Slate299*552 84%
13. Hearst Newspapers Digital403514 27%
14. Marketwatch.com490476 -3%
15. Google News293*455 55%
16. iWon News355355 0%
17. Wall Street Journal248*295*19%
18. News International 281* NA
19. NYP Holdings395248* -37%
20. The Boston Globe191*222* 16%

Source: Nielsen//NetRatings, Daily Overnight Analysis * Blank data indicates site fell below reporting cutoff. * Starred data indicates this site falls below normal reporting levels, and therefore may have a higher probability of error.

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