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Microsoft Still Betting On Bing

Fear not, all you believers in a competitive search marketplace. Microsoft has a plan to save Bing. How? By "reorganizing the Web," Qi Lu, Microsoft's president of online services, said during a financial analyst meeting last week. "To do that, Microsoft plans to leverage its network of products and partnerships to gain a better understanding of what the user is after when they enter a query into a Bing search box," explains

"Ultimately, Microsoft believes its technical secret sauce will let Bing both expand what is 'searchable' and deliver more robust search results than any of its competitors." Lu knows that Microsoft can't "out-Google" Google. Instead, it must "change the game fundamentally." Time, however, appears to be running out on Microsoft's grant search experiment.

Two-year-old Bing is losing nearly a $1 billion a quarter, "with no sign of letting up," according to CNN Money. Worse yet, Microsoft has lost $5.5 billion on Bing since the search service launched in June 2009, while the software giant has never made money in its online services division. Since Microsoft began breaking out that unit's finances in 2007, the company has lost a total of $9 billion.



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