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Amazon To Debut Kindle Fire

Sure to shake the tablet landscape, Amazon on Wednesday is expected to debut the Kindle Fire. "Yes, this is the name Amazon has settled on, to help differentiate the product from the e-ink Kindles," TechCrunch writes regarding the new tablet.

All Things D reports that Amazon has already struck deals with Conde Nast, Hearst, and Meredith to sell their magazines on the Android-based tablet.

"Besides being viewed as the first tablet that could seriously compete with the iPad, the Amazon tablet will likely be closely tied to Amazon's services, a big incentive for publishers who already offer their physical titles through the Amazon site," writes.



"Apple and its successful iPad tablet might soon have some extra competition," as puts it. "But the Fire, as described, will represent much bigger competition for Barnes & Noble's $250 NOOK Color, which also features books, magazines and apps," Econsultancy writes.

"The key here, of course, is price," CNet writes. "Amazon has already seen Barnes & Noble's success with the Nook Color at $249, so the reality is that all it has to do is create a better, faster version of the Nook Color for the same price and it will have a winner on its hands."

Bigger picture, "Amazon's potential entry arrives as sales of tablets are beginning to take off," USA Today notes. Indeed, a recent report from Gartner suggested that global tablet sales will hit 63.6 million this year -- up 264% year-over-year.

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  1. Theresa m. Moore from Antellus, September 27, 2011 at 3:46 p.m.

    It's a pity that Amazon's claims of being able to sell physical books won't sell with me. After 3 whole years of listing my books on its swollen catalog, Amazon has to date not sold more than a dozen. What makes it think that it can do better on a device which touts the ebook equivalents? I sell more ebooks on the Kindle device than I ever will the printed books. To that end, I have discontined all but my nonfiction for sale on Amazon and will concentrate on ebooks alone for its Kindle. I can still sell my printed books from my own site and avoid the risk of sinking into obscurity on Amazon.

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