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I Can Has Funny Web Site?

  • Geek Wire, Wednesday, October 26, 2011 12:25 PM

Already a huge success online, I Can Has Cheezburger? is expanding its empire with Cheezburger Sites, which lets regular Joe’s create humor-oriented Web pages with their own personalized content, highlighting what they find funny from Cheezburger’s own library and beyond. “It’s a big deal,” writes GeekWire. “Think about it like a Facebook page -- just for humor. The significance of that was not lost on some Cheezburger loyalists.”

The company’s chief revenue officer Todd Sawicki tweeted this week that the “future of @Cheezburger just launched,” while company CTO Scott Porad tweeted that he was “really, really excited” about the new offering. The Seattle-based company already attracts some 20 million unique visitors per month.

Adds GeekWire: “If a subsegment of that audience creates their own pages — filling the Cheezburger network with even more content — traffic and user engagement could soar” Still, is there really room for another personal page for people to manage? “We don’t know yet,” CEO Ben Huh tells GeekWire. Well, there you have it.





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