Arbitron Enhances Internet Broadcast Ratings Service

  • by February 20, 2003
Arbitron Inc. announced yesterday that it is enhancing its Internet Broadcast Ratings service featuring MeasureCast technology to facilitate the buying and selling of audio and video advertising on Internet Broadcast stations. The expanded service will include sales training tools for Internet broadcast sales organizations and the publication of traditional broadcast-style audience metrics. These initiatives are part of Arbitron’s transition to a subscription-only Internet broadcast audience ratings system.

Bill Rose, vice president/general manager of Arbitron Internet Broadcast Services says, “To the consumer radio is radio, whether it comes out of their stereo or the computer on their desk. Therefore, it’s important for buyers and sellers to strip away the technical details of how the programming is delivered and focus on the value of the audience delivered.”

Starting in March 2003, Arbitron Internet Broadcast Services will be available exclusively to subscribers. The service features a three-part approach to Internet Broadcast ad sales including credible third-party audience ratings, sales training and publicity.

Arbitron’s Internet Broadcast Service is designed to support a sales model patterned closely after traditional broadcast networks. The publication of traditional metrics such as Average Quarter Hour audience (AQH) and unique users (Cume) is designed to allow advertisers to integrate Internet Broadcasting into their existing media planning process.

"Having followed Internet broadcasting industry trends for the past five years, we have found that people who tune to Internet broadcasts are upscale, media savvy and heavy users of new technologies and digital devices,” said Rose. “Our goal is to facilitate the advertisers’ access to and understanding of this valuable audience."

With that goal in mind, Arbitron also plans to provide advertisers and agencies with training on how to plan and buy the medium.

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