Two Web-Only Stations Top

  • February 20, 2003
Two Internet-only stations, radioioEclectic and MUSICMATCH Artist Match, were the top ranked individual Internet radio stations for the week of February 3, according to Arbitron's MeasureCast Ratings. radioioEclectic was ranked as the number one individual Internet radio station with 315,117 hours of Total Time Spent Listening (TTSL), the sum total of hours tuned by listeners to a given station or network. MUSICMATCH Artist Match was ranked number two with 296,730 hours of TTSL. Classical station WQXR-FM was ranked number three with 238,650 hours of TTSL. Clear Channel Worldwide was ranked the number one Internet broadcast network with 1,505,375 hours of TTSL. MUSICMATCH was ranked number two with 1,255,555 hours of TTSL. StreamAudio was ranked number three with 1,141,600 hours of TTSL.
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