Moms' IAffair With The IPhone 4S

Balancing work, school, meetings, errands, naptime, play dates and so much more, moms need an arsenal of tools at their disposal to be the superhero in their professional and personal lives. Moms are some of the earliest adopters of smartphones as they seek devices to help maintain their over-saturated schedule.  And the iPhone is clearly the tool of their choice.  According to the New Product Development Group (NPD), the number of moms who purchased iPhones grew 132% in the first quarter of 2011 vs. the same time last year — outpacing men, at 121%.

We were curious to understand what iPhone-loving moms in the U.S. and U.K. were saying about the launch of the iPhone 4S, so we listened in to learn about moms’ anticipation of the next-gen Apple device. Here’s what we found:

Smartphones: Share of Buzz

IPhone, 93.45%
Samsung, 2.84%
BlackBerry, 2.35%
HTC, 0.9%
Motorola, 0.47%

Providing solutions moms didn’t even know they needed



Even though the iPhone 4S has only been on the market for a month, techie moms are brimming with excitement over the new features and how the device greatly impacts the day-to-day needs of a mom on the go. While the iPhone 4S is not designed with moms in mind, it clear that they are embracing this next-gen tool to help with their mom duties.  

“If you're considering upgrading from earlier, Paleolithic generations like me, or switching entirely from another platform, here are the top reasons I can give you to justify making the move to the 4S.”

Moms’ new BFF– Siri

Motherhood is a juggling act, and as a result, moms are seasoned multi-taskers. Digital platforms and devices help keep all the parts of their lives operating smoothly as they try to balance and prioritize moms’ many roles.  The ability to foster relationships, gather information and heightened organization is flourishing due to these new digital tools, but moms are stretched thin and could use an extra hand or two (or even three) to help manage their families. 

Perhaps the most innovative feature on the 4S is Siri.  Positioned as a personal assistant, she is with mom whenever she has her iPhone (which is locked in her hand as though it is an extension of her arm) to help her do anything from texting family members to managing calendars and even reminding her to pick up dinner, thus making life easier.

“You can ask Siri to do all sorts of things for you. Find a restaurant, check the weather, locate the nearest ATM and more.  It even deciphered what my 5 year old was asking for and we can’t even do that much of the time.”

Moms don’t want to miss a thing

Moms are determined to capture every moment of their children’s lives so that they can curate a lifetime of memories.  They rely on technology now more than ever, creating the most documented generation we’ve ever seen.  But taking quality photographs is difficult, especially on a phone. Moms hope for one good picture amongst many blurred ones and in the process of snapping for quality, the moment they want to cherish may pass.

The 4S offers a superior camera that’s as fast as their children, giving them more opportunities to capture and create digital memories.  And with photo-editing software included on the device, the chances for a perfect picture moments improves.  So many moms rely on smartphones for photos - could the 4S be the beginning of the end of point & shoot cameras as we know it?

 “I have two cameras and 99% of the time I do not even bother bringing my "real" camera with me.”

“Camera on the 4S is better than camera on 4.  You know, since you were saying you take a lot of pictures with your phone.  I think it’s faster than the 4, too”

Easing her digital disorganization

One of the main motivations behind moms taking so many photos of her family is the desire toshare their families’ experiences in real-time.  However, moms are drowning in digital assets and they’re overwhelmed by the photo-sharing landscape.

We are also hearing moms talk about iOS5 and Photostream on the 4S which resolves a lot of stress and frustration caused by moms’ digital disorganization.  She is now able to wirelessly send her digital photos and videos instantly, saving her valuable time and avoiding potential tech trauma.

“I'll be able to manage my entire life wirelessly thanks to iCloud, no syncing required. That is one huge less step I can definitely live without.  I just got chills!

Look for the 4S on holiday wish lists

It is no surprise that as the holiday season quickly approaches, the iPhone 4S is already topping moms’ holiday wish lists, and we’ll expect to see the iPhone 4S rise as the hottest tool for moms today while the chatter and buzz spreads through the social space.

“I have an iPhone (3GS) and I can't wait to get a 4S!  I'm waiting for a bit though to see if there's a deal on black Friday.  Highly unlikely with Apple, but who knows.”

“I want an iPhone 4S so bad.  #Christmashurryup!”

It seems that moms who balance a world of to-dos still crave a tool that keeps them on track and on pace with the busy demands of being a parent and a professional. Enter the iPhone 4S, the moms solution to any and all juggling.

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  1. Vera Holroyd from MomFocus Marketing, November 21, 2011 at 8:05 p.m.

    I enjoyed your article and whole-heartedly agree with all the points you are making, especially the one about providing solutions Mom might not have even been seeking. On our website, we actually use the iPhone as our very own personal example of a product (though not Mom-focused), which has not only changed our Mom-world, but also helps us operate smoothly as a super Mom every day.

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