Is Spam Resentment Spreading?

  • April 16, 2003
A new PlanetFeedback survey found that consumers increasingly are not only using spam and pop-up ad filters to control the flow of unsolicited advertising to their computer screens, but a growing percentage are simultaneously sympathetic to technologies that filter out television commercials. Of the 13% who have access to ad-filtering technology (e.g., TiVo and Replay TV), 60% use it, amounting to a potential 8% overall loss in TV advertising effectiveness. According to the PlanetFeedback study, the more spam and pop-up ads that consumers encounter, the angrier they are about all forms of advertising - online banner ads, pop-under ads, event sponsorships, even radio and television advertising. They also are more willing to take drastic action to control or outlaw unsolicited emails. More than one-third support "do-not-email" regulations, 27% support taxes and fines on spam, and nearly 25% support outlawing spam. Less than 3% support no action.
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