How Much Spam Can Can-Spam Can?

How Much Spam Can Can-Spam Can?

eMarketer reports that according to an Ipsos Public Affairs study, 21% of US adult internet users have cut down on e-mail usage since the onslaught of spam. Among the 55% who use email regularly, 77% receive spam. 71% say the amount of spam they receive has not changed since the inception of the Can-Spam act in January.

Change US Adults have seen in Spam since Can-Spam Act went into effect in January
(% respondents who use email regularly and receive spam)

  • Not sure 2%
  • Not really changed 71%
  • Decreased 17%
  • Increased 10%

Source: Associated Press and Ipsos, Feb 2004

Most marketers do not understand the Can-Spam laws, according to a Blue Sky Factory, TargitInteractive and the Baltimore Technology Council, nor are they sure if their campaigns are compliant.

Opinions of Email Marketers in the US Regarding Can-Spam Laws
(% respondents)

  • Do not understand Can-Spam laws 50%
  • Uncertain their campaigns are compliant 45%
  • Do not believe new laws will have a positive influence between business and consumers 40%

Source: BlueSky Factory, TargitInteractive, Greater Baltimore Tech Council, January 2004

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