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Facebook Tie-In Big Win For Yahoo News

  • TechCrunch, Wednesday, December 21, 2011 12:35 PM

How’s Facebook’s Frictionless Sharing integration fairing for Yahoo News? Well, just two months into the tie-in, 1 million articles are now being shared to Facebook daily, which is leading to 500,000 daily referrals. That’s a “huge win” for Yahoo, TechCrunch concludes. Building on the success, Yahoo has just agreed to expand the integration to 26 more of its news sites, including Yahoo News Philippines and France, as well as vertical sites like OMG, Music, Movies, and Games.

Yahoo also just launched a notifications system across its US sites, which will alert users when someone replies to one of their comments. Mike Kerns, Yahoo’s head of social and personalization, tells TechCrunch that the changes could “increase engagement and traffic. If we can scale [the Facebook success of Yahoo! News US] globally, it will have a a big impact on our media inventory.” To date, 13 million users, mostly under age 35, have opted into the Yahoo News US Facebook sharing integration since its launch. This has increased referral traffic from Facebook by 300%, TechCrunch reports.



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