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No Ho-Ho Dept.: 'Asinine' Dr. Phil Trashed

  • Ragan, Friday, December 23, 2011 1:59 PM

For all you Scrooges and Grinches sick of seasonal sweetness and light, here's  a mean-spirited but witty post by Steve Crescenzo that skewers some major media figures, all in the service of discussing "the worst examples of corporate communication."

Crescenzo's main target is an easy one: Dr. Phil, whose "asinine and patronizing" tips on dieting were featured in a company's internal publication. (Actually, we don't rank them quite as low as Crescenzko does -- they're fairly generic tips, one or two of which we've found helpful in our own, um, battle of the pounds.)

We laughed at the part about Oprah Winfrey, though: "If you are having self esteem problems, just start your own magazine, name it after yourself, then put yourself on every single cover, after paying designers thousands of dollars to airbrush all the fat off you so you look like Beyonce instead of Rerun from the TV show, ‘What’s Happening.’"



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