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Carr: New Gen Remaking Media 'In Its Own Image'

"The inertia that has kept consumers from bolting from traditional content providers is beginning to erode as a new generation remakes media in its own image," writes David Carr in this analysis of the current media scene (published last week, but it functions as a good end-of-the-year summing up).

Weaving together trends and events of 2011, Carr gets in his own well-written zingers about some of the year's losers. For example: "The Daily, an iPad-only newspaper started by the News Corporation, came out to a herald of trumpets and now hears only the sound of crickets."

And "As for your remote control, well, using it is a little like hitting your television with a stick until it finally delivers what you want. If things go as they should, we will spend less time looking under the couch for the remote and more time telling our television to get us the seventh episode of the second season of 'Boardwalk Empire.'"



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