It's A Mobile, Mobile, Mobile, Mobile World!

When I wrote the very first Engage:Moms column in 2009, the headline was “It’s a Web, Web, Web, Web World!” and the focus was how to engage today’s online mom. Fast-forward three years, and mom is now hyper-connected. She’s still online – a lot. However, today’s marketers need to focus on reaching mom on the go – on her smartphone or tablet. As I’ve mentioned before, a recent EMarketer study found that moms are spending significantly more time browsing on their mobile devices than on their PCs, 6.1 hours a day vs. 4.1 hours day, while the general population is spends about 2.1 hours a day on the mobile web.

Moms are the world’s best multi-taskers, and when it comes to her smartphone and tablet, she’s found the perfect companion that can keep up with her. So, how is mom using her mobile companion?

  • Bargain Shopping



Moms are comparing prices while in stores using apps that find the best prices – and she’ll often walk out of a store if she can buy something online for a better price. More than 50% of moms have purchased a product using their mobile device – mobile shopping will be among the top trends for 2011.

  • Organization and Multi-Tasking

Between work and family, mom has a lot to keep organized. She keeps schedules, shopping lists and even her important documents on her trusted, portable devices so she can stay organized and multi-task better than ever before.

  • Games and Apps for Her Kids

I’ll say it: Sometimes, mom needs the kids to have a distraction when she’s trying to get something done. Apps on phones and tablets are not only fun and engaging for kids, but many offer enriching content and can be homework helpers.

  • Games for Her

It’s not all about work and no play for mom with her mobile tools. “Words with Friends” and “Angry Birds” are among mom’s favorite apps, too, and her phone or tablet gives her moments to wind down and take a break.

  • Cooking for the Family

Finding recipes, keeping them organized and managing the family’s meals has never been easier. Apps like Pepperplate let mom store her favorite recipes in a single click, put together a calendar of meals and instantly create shopping lists based on the day’s or week’s menu.

Like the web did, mobile devices and the apps available for them are making mom’s life easier. Smart marketers will continue to create mobile tools that help her save money, say organized and manage everything on her plate.

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