McCann Hands Down '12 Social Truths'

  • January 12, 2012

McCann Truth Central, the Orwellian-named “thought leadership” unit of McCann Thursday issued what it calls the “12 Truths About Social in 2012” at CES. While not inscribed on stone tablets, the agency says the set of social media maxims have the weight of research conducted across 19 countries, more than 30 focus groups and 12,000 online studies. Among them:

Truth #2: There's no Shame in Being a 'Stalker'

Truth #3: Consumers are Spending More Time Monitoring Their 'Personal Brand'

Truth #6: The Need to Broadcast Oneself Is Constant

Truth #10: Social Proof is a Powerful Force in Marketing

Of the last, McCann explained: “Globally, over 90% of 16-30 year olds agree with the statement "if a company or brand impresses me in some way, I will make a point of telling my friends about it." Unfortunately for brands, that also works in reverse.


Truth #11: If Brands Seeks Advocacy: “Make it Worthwhile to The Consumer 37% of the global population known as 'Savvy Shoppers' are willing to engage with and socialize with brands and businesses, but want to receive something tangible in return.” That means you better come up with a coupon or special offer to maintain customer loyalty.



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