Women's Sites Attracted 34.8 Million Visitors in December

Women's Sites Attracted 34.8 Million Visitors in December

According to a recent special feature from comScore Media Metrix, women wield enormous power in the U.S. economy, making and influencing purchase decisions across every sector from automotive, to consumer packaged goods, to financial services and virtually everything in between. And since 51 percent of the nearly 145 million Internet users in the U.S. are women, it's no surprise that they represent a sizable and vital audience for marketers.

There are a number of online destinations overtly geared to this gender and its community orientation, and many sites are affiliated with strong offline women's brands. In total, the comScore Media Metrix Community-Women category reached 34.8 million (combined male and female) visitors in December.

Top 15 U.S. Community-Women Sites Unique Visitors (000) December 2002

All LocationsHomeWorkUniv.
Total Internet Users144,754125,59947,9719,481
Community-Women Cat.34,78825,6339,1451,785
iVillage.com15,759 11,3203,996848
Womensforum Sites7,5165,4071,909308
AOL Proprietary Women5,0714,085791268
MSN Love & Relationships3,2461,8491,313208
BHG.COM3,0532,384729 83
Babycenter Sites2,7941,838904141
MSN WomenCentral 2,0411,190 776119
Oxygen Media 1,672 1,278 364103 Sites1,6001,18542858 1,378 97143833 1,3751,07928868
FamilyFun 1,234 85840929
InStyle 1,05081821165 73053521119

As with offline media, it is not uncommon for online media targeted specifically at women to also attract a sizeable male audience. Although men accounted for fully 42 percent of visitors to the Women's category in December, they were less intensive users, accounting for only 35 percent of the total time spent on these sites.

comScore data show that Women's sites are broadly appealing to females of virtually all age groups. In fact, the Women's category reached approximately 30 percent of total female Internet users age 25 to 64. Females under age 18 were noticeably less prone to visit the category, likely due to the limited attraction of family and home-related content, which is common throughout the category.

U.S. Female Visitors to Community-Women Category by Age December 2002

Age GroupVisitors (000)Reach
2-17 1,7845.1%
18-24 3,1229.0%
25-34 4,035 11.6%
35-44 4,209 12.1%
45-54 4,405 12.7%
55-64 1,968 5.7%
65+ 7782.2%

Women living in smaller households are disproportionately likely to visit the category relative to the composition of their household segments within the total online population. In fact, although women living alone make up the smallest segment of Community-Women site users, they are 56 percent more likely to visit women's sites than the overall population would suggest. In fact, the Women's category reaches an astonishing 38 percent of women living alone.

Source: comScore Media Metrix

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