Dancing JOE BOXER Guy Becomes an Advergame

  • February 13, 2003
Kmart's dancing JOE BOXER guy is moving from the television screen to the computer screen. Kmart Corporation yesterday launched an online game featuring the famous dancer from the company's popular television commercials, marking Kmart's second interactive marketing campaign to support its exclusive JOE BOXER clothing and accessories line. Kmart's "Boxer Boogie Breakdown," which can be found at www.kmartboxers.com or through www.kmart.com, allows users to control the now-famous dance steps of a computerized JOE BOXER guy. With a click of a button, JOE BOXER fans can send him popping and spinning into moves such as "Puppy Dog," "Spazz," "Touch Down" and "Knock-Knock" -- the actual moves from the recent television commercials. Kmart's "Boxer Boogie Breakdown" game was developed by YaYa. This is the second interactive JOE BOXER marketing campaign for Kmart in recent months. In December, the company launched a JOE BOXER online holiday greeting card at www.kmartboxers.com that has been accessed and sent by more than 300,000 people since its inception.
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