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Pinwheel Pioneers 'Flickr For Places'

We’re learning more about the latest venture from Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flickr and Hunch. Named Pinwheel, the forthcoming service appears to be a way for users to leave virtual notes, annotations, tips and photos for fellow users and friends at real world locations and places. While Pinwheel will have a Web presence, Fake herself expects the mobile version to be the “primary experience,” TechCrunch reports.

“With Pinwheel, you can find and leave public or private notes at places all over the world,” TC writes. “These notes can be shared with one person, or everyone; and can be categorized.” Fake uses the examples of “Best Spots for Butterfly Hunting,” “Every place that you told me that you loved me, circa 2008,″ or “Find me a Nearby Toilet NOW,” as sample note sets that users can leave and find via Pinwheel. Like any social network, users will be encouraged to create their own social graph, along with lists of places and data sets they follow.

“Fake herself compares the experience to a Flickr for Places (‘ish’), because the note can be a container or social object for a given place,” TC adds. So far, investor include True Ventures, Founder Collective, SV Angel, Keith Rabois, James Joaquin and Shoshana Berger, Redpoint, Betaworks, and Ev Williams’ and Biz Stone’s Obvious Corp.




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