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Facebook To Offer "Real-Time" Analytics

Facebook is reportedly planning to sharpen its Insights analytics tool by showing Page performance data in real-time -- or near real-time -- rather than on an average 48-hour delay. As sources tell TechCrunch, impressions, reach, negative feedback, “people talking about this”, and demographics of engagers could all start showing up live in the graphical Insights interface as well as the API.

Potentially a win-win situation, “real-time data reporting in Insights could give businesses the understanding necessary to drive higher ROI, which could attract more brands and advertisers to Facebook in the lead up to its IPO,” TechCrunch reasons. No word on when the change will be made, but, as it stands, the only metrics that are currently reported in near real-time are for offsite social plug-ins and Likes, comments, and shares on a Page’s posts to the news feed. Also, it can presently take 12 hours to more than two days before Page posts start displaying reach and people talking about this to administrators.

Mking real-time Insights data available through the API “will give Page owners an opportunity to see how their Page actually lives and breathes,” Facebook analytics tool provider EdgeRank Checker‘s founder Chad Wittman says.




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