Top 5 Trends Emerging For Today's Digital Families

From ever-present smartphones to increasingly sophisticated gaming consoles to on-the-go electronic devices, today’s families rely more heavily on technology than ever before. Where families once functioned with essentially a desktop computer and a gaming console, they now view technology as integral to their daily lives and have incorporated a succession of computers, tablets, mobile devices, apps, games, and social media platforms that allow them to work and play in ways never imagined.

On the heels of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show and through trendspotting in the Mom space, here’s our list of the Top 5 Trends for Today’s Digital Families, along with some examples of hot new products:

Power Up!

As families become fully immersed in today’s digital times, they’ve realized they can’t afford to let their ever-present devices – phones, laptops, tablets, GPS, digital cameras, and more – run out of power, either at home or on the go. From creating batteries and power packs as slim as possible to getting more efficient power at home to charging multiple devices while on the road, maintaining “Power-on-the-Run” emerged as a key focus for innovators and consumers alike.

  • Highway Pro: Provides two USB ports for in-car charging
  • Powerbag: A backpack that includes charging capabilities
  • ZAGG Sparq 2.0: Offers on-the-go battery power



Break-Through Product Protection

With families investing financial resources in buying, maintaining, and updating electronic devices, significant interest surrounds making sure these innovations stay protected – whether from the elements, overall use, or worse. This year’s CES featured a whole host of products that protect our digital tools from the inside to the outside.

  • HzO: Protects electronic devices internally from water damage
  • 3M Privacy Screen Protector: Provides privacy and protection for iPhones
  • LoJack for Laptops: Offers various levels of laptop security and protection

Amplify with Accessories

As much as families enjoy their electronic gadgets, they can always be made better with the addition of accessories or apps that heighten and enhance their effectiveness. From an app that turns our iPhones into a postcard delivery system to a lens that clips onto a Smartphone, these accessories serve to make electronic devices all the more indispensible.

  • Postcard on the Run: Transforms photos into custom postcards
  • Ollo Clip: Extends iPhone camera capabilities with three lens options
  • Steadicam Smoothee: Creates more precise Smartphone videos through a stabilizing device

Smart Home Evolution

New innovations continue to emerge that bring families one step closer to the ultimate wired smart home. From high-tech locking devices to enhanced in-home phone systems, homes continue to evolve for the better.

  • SimpliciKey: An electronic system offering three different locking mechanisms
  • Skype GE 31591: Brings Skype technology to existing landline phones

Next-Generation TV

For most families, the television set remains a centerpiece of relaxation and downtime, and parents and kids alike have marveled at its evolution. Despite competition from an assortment of electronic gadgets, televisions continue to advance with a never-ending stream of innovations, devices, and gaming options that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

  • Slingbox Pro-HD: Allows families to tap into their home TV via mobile devices

Disclosure: We received samples of several products included in this post, including the Skype GE 31591, Slingbox Pro-HD, Ollo Clip, 3M Privacy Screen Protector, Highway Pro, Powerbag, Postcard on the Run, LoJack for Laptops, and ZAGG Sparq 2.0.

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