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Stacy DeBroff

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Social media strategist, best-selling author, attorney, and founder and CEO of Influence Central, a social and digital consultancy, and founder of Mom Central Consulting, the leading social media agency focused on Moms, brings more than two decades of award-winning experience, expertise, and insight to the nation’s top brands, agencies, and organizations. With offices in Boston, Chicago, New York, and Toronto, Canada, Influence Central partners with over 200 national brands, specializing in social media activations. Every year since 2011, Inc. magazine has named Mom Central Consulting to its 500|5000 fastest growing national companies list. Influence Central delivers strategic, results-oriented, and award-winning programs that help brands deliver powerful ROI tied to business outcomes. Consulting services – including trendspotting, research, and social media strategies, such as brand ambassador programs, geo-targeted engagements, sampling campaigns, and live events – engage influenters to take action and recommend brands, fueling awareness, engagement, product trial, and sales. With media experience ranging from The Today Show to The Wall Street Journal, Stacy remains a sought-after national media expert. Her expert advice and insights have been featured in such broadcast outlets as CNN’s American Morning and Headline News, Bloomberg News,, Good Morning America, The View, Tyra Banks Show, CBS Early Show, and The Rachael Ray Show. She’s also contributed to major print media, such as USA Today and The New York Times. She trend-spots regularly with national consumer brands and speaks frequently nationally and internationally on Mom trends, influencer marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship. Stacy also authored four best-selling parenting books (Simon & Schuster) – including The Mom Book. Prior as an attorney, Stacy founded and ran the Public Interest Office at Harvard Law School.

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  • Navigating The Kaleidoscope Of Green Moms in Marketing: Green on 04/22/2015

    With Earth Day 2015 just around the corner and increased attention focused on recycling and environmental issues, more and more brands now look to get their environmentally friendly products in the hands of "green moms" - women who avoid the convenience and accessibility of traditional products, choosing instead to look toward the environment or the health of their families when selecting products.

  • Top 5 Trends Emerging For Today's Digital Families in Engage:Moms on 02/29/2012

    From ever-present smartphones to increasingly sophisticated gaming consoles to on-the-go electronic devices, today's families rely more heavily on technology than ever before. Where families once functioned with essentially a desktop computer and a gaming console, they now view technology as integral to their daily lives and have incorporated a succession of computers, tablets, mobile devices, apps, games, and social media platforms that allow them to work and play in ways never imagined.

  • Responsible Blogging And FTC Guidelines  in Engage:Moms on 01/13/2010

    While we laud the FTC for promoting transparency and any potential bias, their first change-up of the guidelines fall short. Here's why.

  • Help Them Make Friends in Engage:Moms on 10/21/2009

    Moms of all ages are lonely and use the Internet to form new friendships based on shared interests, life events, and parenting support.

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  • Odds And Endings: Aniston's Eyes, And The Sins Of The Fathers by Barbara Lippert (Mad Blog on 05/26/2017)

    Sadness! Hope your eloquence finds a new worthy outlet!! 

  • 'The Handmaid's Tale': The Fruit of Hulu by Barbara Lippert (Mad Blog on 05/05/2017)

    Amazingly astute as always!! I just love reading your insightful critiques, as well as seeing what you choose to focus on for your Mad Blog. After reading what you shared about THT, a thought occurred to me (to which I’m blaming my comp lit major from Brown 30 years ago)…what if “Offred” instead of being "Of Fred" was really "OFF RED- a symbol of her diffidence against the RED new oppressive regime, or even “Offered” as we tend to autocorrect what we read (her fertile body being forcibly offered up to men to procreate).  Just musing aloud- and wanted to thank you again for your awesome opinion pieces!

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