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Getting Up To Speed On Don And Peggy

"Mad Men" fans, you've got a bit more than two weeks to get yourself in shape for March 25, when that fascinating enigmathon premieres season five -- and New York mag is here to help, with a whole section in its latest issue devoted to the show.

Looks like the handy-dandy chart summarizing all the plot points from seasons past is only in the print version (good, we say -- save something for subscribers, of which we are one). But online there's an excellent critical analysis, "What Makes Mad Men Great?,"  and a fun interview with Jon Hamm and Elizabeth Moss (Don and Peggy) in which they reveal little of what's to come  -- except, be prepared for surprises (Hamm: "There are a lot of things where all of us as a cast were like, Whoa, okay. Uh, all right, so this is happening").

Finally, in "When Will Don Draper Die?" Adam K. Raymond talked to an actuary, "presented him with the vital stats (gleaned from close-watching of the show), and asked him to guess Don's expiration date." Note that in the photo  an aged Don, he still looks gorgeous (of course).



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