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PixyKids Planning Novel Social Net For Kids

  • BetaBit, Thursday, March 15, 2012 12:04 PM

Ready to make a name for itself in kid-focused social networking, PixyKids has secured $3 million in funding from ATA Ventures, as well as other angel investors. “Social networks aimed at kids aren’t a new concept,” writes BetaBit. “ScuttlePad and Togetherville, for example, have been attempting to provide social sharing environments for the under-12 crowd since 2010.” PixyKids CEO Rajul Kadakia, however, says his team will bring something new to the space, i.e., a space to share kid-created content not only with friends, but with family, too.

“There’s a need for kids to actually share their content, because they actually do create a lot of content,” Kadakia tells BetaKit. “What makes us unique is that we’re at the intersection of where Facebook meets Disney, Facebook being personalized user-generated content, with video and text chat, and also being an interactive app platform.” Along with Kadakia, the PixyKids team includes ex-Googler Michael Adair as COO and former Disney executive Kristen Alexander as VP of Marketing.



Yet to launch, PixyKids is also planning to incorporate more creative aspects, by allowing its young members to take the content they upload and use it to form the basis of games. As for its business model, PixyKids plans to let parents pay for value-added services in the form of subscriptions and virtual goods.


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