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'Big Bang' Reruns Powerful Force In Cable TV

Nerds conquer all. CBS' "The Big Bang Theory" is not only "helping the network challenge NBC's Thursday-night sitcom supremacy," but its reruns are responsible for cable channel TBS whomping USA for first Q 2012, "the first time since 2006 that USA has not dominated the winter quarter," writes Josef Adalian.

He further quantifies "the amazing stats that BBT has racked up for TBS," as well as how the network is using the show to bolster its scheduling,

As Adalian writes, "BBT"'s rerun success shows how "network hand-me-downs are still a crucial staple of any successful cable channel." But because original programming garners higher ad costs, "you can't rely on building a network around repeats anymore," as Adalian quotes one "network wag."



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