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Time Warner Cable Exec Predicts Personalized TV

Cable TV will evolve into a "Pandora-like model," with a viewer's personalized favorites playing sequentially, predicts Peter Stern, Time Warner Cable executive vice president and chief strategy officer. In the future, "customers can consume television in a passive way, so they don't have to plan ahead like they do with the DVR model."

And hooray, sounds like Stern is suggesting a future where one's cable bill might actually go down: "You don't have to subscribe to as big a package, once we put the tools in place to target the TV to you based on your interests," is his quote, as recorded by writer Todd Spangler.

We hope there will be several channels of personallized content for multi-peopled households -- or else we could foresee some conflicts, between, say, the TCM/Bravo/AMC tastes of one viewer versus the ESPN/TV Land tastes of another.



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