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Pogue: Lumia 900 "Beautiful," "Spectacular"

The reviews are in on Nokia’s new Lumia 900 smartphone -- but none are more important than that of The New York Times’ David Pogue. What does Pogue think of the phone on which Nokia and Microsoft are said be resting their futures? “It’s beautiful, fast and powerful, and it’s only $100 (with a two-year AT&T contract),” writes America’s most influential tech critic. “That’s half the price of an iPhone or a comparable Android phone -- but you’re still getting a top-of-the-line machine.”

What’s more, “Its design is striking and unusual,” Pogue says of the Lumia. “The screen is bright, vivid and with little glare … It’s a bigger screen than the iPhone’s: 4.3 inches diagonal.” In fact, “The Lumia 900 feels gigantic if you’re accustomed to an iPhone.” The rest of the Lumia specifications are what you’d expect of a top-grade app phone, according to Pogue. But what about the phone’s software, i.e. Microsoft’s side of the equation.? “Spectacular,” pronounces Pogue.



“It’s Microsoft’s own invention, a crisply scrolling virtual canvas of information.” All that said, however, Pogue doesn’t think the Lumia guarantees Nokia and Microsoft the mobile success they’re so desperately seeking, and for one key reason: apps. “Nobody’s going to write apps until WP7 becomes popular -- but WP7 won’t become popular until there are apps.”


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