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Google Ties Up With Paramount

  • 9to5, Wednesday, April 4, 2012 12:27 PM

As part of a larger effort to flesh out its premium content offerings, YouTube this week announced a new licensing agreement with Paramount Pictures. Per the partnership, Google’s video hub -- along with Google Play -- will add 500 new rentable movie titles. “With the addition of Paramount, we now have five of the six major studios and over ten independent movie studios offering nearly 9,000 movies for rent to millions of people around the world,” Malik Ducard, Director of Content Partnerships at YouTube, explained on the official YouTube blog.

According to 9To5Google: “Google plans to continue adding new titles and expanding its service to more countries later this year.” A complete list of currently available movies is available at YouTube or Google Play, while the United States and Canada will have access to the new catalog over the next few weeks. As 9To5 notes, a sampling of Paramount Pictures’ featured movies through Google include “Hugo” for $3.99, “Transformers” for $2.99, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” for $2.99, and “The Godfather” for $2.99. Renting either title allots a 48-hour pass to viewers, or they can also upgrade to HD for just $1 more. Viewers have 30 days to begin watching their rented movie upon purchase.



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